Herring Cove Community Clean Up

Many of you may have noticed members from our department out and about, collecting trash from the ditches in Herring Cove. The current pandemic has and will continue to affect many of us in a variety of ways. For the Herring Cove Fire Department, it has limited our ability to interact and engage with the community we serve and therefore we have decided to stay engaged by spending this time cleaning up the area. We believe this to be a good way to remain active, enjoy the warmer weather and improve our community in the process. Over the past week we have collected 30+ bags of garbage from the roadside. During this time, we have been approached by several members of our community requesting information on how they can assist. Until now, we did not have a process to manage the large quantity of waste…

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Annual Burn Restrictions 2020

As the seasons change we are met with more sunlight, warmer weather and increased risk for wildfires. The province of Nova Scotia sets their burn restrictions annual, starting on March 15th and running through to October 15th. During this time people are asked to review the provincial burn restrictions prior to burning. Below is an image of the provincial burn map. When sections of this map are green (burn day), this means you can burn from 2pm to 8am. When they are yellow (restricted burn day) you can burn from 7pm to 8am. When the map is red (no burn day) that means no burning in your area. Did you know that your local municipality can apply more strict burning restrictions? The province sets a minimum based on their findings, your municipality and elect to apply further restrictions if they deem fit. So also check…

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Annual Food Drive

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For some, the idea of going hungry over the holidays doesn’t cross their mind; but this is the sad reality for many Nova Scotians. The task of keeping food in the fridge becomes increasing more difficult this time of year. During the holidays, food represents much more than physical nourishment; it can be comfort, a peace of mind, and often a stepping stone to new opportunities. The incredible gift of a food donation means there is one less thing that families to stress over this season. On a yearly basis the Herring Cove Fire Department takes stride to assist with reducing the number of families that have to go hungry during holidays. This year our Holiday Food Drive will be taking place on: Sunday December 8th from 10am to 4pm. Below you will find a list of some items that are in high demand: Soups and…

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